Program - UCLA

Session 1: Thursday 2-3:30pm - Industry Trends (Streaming, Physical Sales, Concert Revenue, etc.)

Moderator - Alan Krueger (Princeton University)

  • Fans, Consumers, Audience or Listeners: It's All Rock 'N' Roll to Me by Russ Crupnik - Managing Partner at MusicWatch and Adjunct Professor, NYU 
  • Presentation by Dave Bakula - Sr. VP of Global Product Leadership and Industry Insights for Music at Nielsen
  • Presentation by Geoff Mayfield - Advisor - Border City Media

Session 2: 3:45-5:15pm - The Economics of Digital Sales and Streaming

Moderator - Neil Irwin (New York Times)

  • Streaming Toward Sales: Competition and Complementarities in Online Music by Alan Montgomery*, Michael D. Smith, Xiaoying Tu - Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Does Digitization Threaten Local Culture by Joel Waldfogel and NBER - Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota  
  • Measuring Consumer Sensitivity to Audio Advertising: A Field Experiment on Pandora Internet Radio by David Reiley* and Nickolai Riabov

Session 3: 5:15-6:00pm - Artist's Panel

Moderator - Debbie Speer (Pollstar)

  • Jacq Becker
  • Hannah Sidibe 

Session 4: Fri. 9-10:30am Industry Professional Panel: Is this the Best of Times or Worst of Times?

Moderator - Hannah Karp (Billboard)

  • Marc Geiger - Partner - WME Entertainment 
  • Gabriela Lopes - SVP, Global Insights - Universal Music Group
  • Adam Fell - President - Quincy Jones Productions, Inc.

Session 5a: 10:45am-12pm Copyright Owners versus Users

Moderator - Joel Waldfogel (University of Minnesota)

  • The Spotify Paradox: How the Creation of a Compulsory License Scheme for Streaming On-Demand Music Platforms Can Save the Music Industry by James Richardson - UCLA School of Law
  • Music Licensing:  Background and Economic Issues by Steve Herscovici - Principal - The Brattle Group  
  • Music Consumption Decisions in a Non-Durable Streaming Environment by R. Scott Hiller* and Jason Walter - Fairfield University and University of Wisconsin-Stout

Session 5b: 10:45am-12pm - Live Music

Moderator - Alan Sorensen (University of Wisconsin)

  • How Streaming Influences Concert Choices and Music Consumption by Gigi Johnson - Director of the Center for Music Innovation - UCLA 
  • Why Music Business Programs Should Be Teaching a Course in the Fundamentals of the Talent Agency Business to Increase Student Learning and Career Success in the Growing Concert Touring Business by Gloria Green - Middle Tennessee State University
  • Economics of Secondary Market Concert Ticket Sales by Marie Connolly* and Alan Krueger - Université du Québec à Montréal and Princeton University   

Session 6: 1:15-2:45pm - New Developments in Technology: Blockchain; Recording Technology, etc.

Moderator - Julie Holland Mortimer (Boston College)

  • Digital Music Industry - Background Synthesis by Derek Sellin* and Timo Seppälä - Research Institute of the Finnish Economy and Aalto University 
  • Music Identification System: Address Metadata Issues By Not Fixing It by Anoosha Chanda - Pandora 
  • Music Metadata: Rights Management and the Role of Human Curation by Taylor Kirch - Pandora
  • Black Box Royalties by Dae Bogan - Founder - Royalty Claim  

Session 7a: 3-4:30pm - Transformation Process in the Digitized Music Economy

Moderator - David Reiley (Pandora and UC Berkeley)

  • The Transformation of Warner Music Group in the Digitized Music Economy by Peter Tschmuck - Cultural Institutions Studies at the Department of Cultural Management and Gender Studies of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
  • Institutionalized Co-Organized Networks Support by Carsten Winter - Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media 
  • A Practical Application of the Artist-Fan Engagement Model by Sarita Stewart - Belmont University 

Session 7b: 3-4:30pm - Digitization, Radio, Globalization & Opportunity

Moderator - Gigi Johnson (UCLA)

  • Digitization and the Diversity Dynamics of Western Popular Music by Marc Bourreau, France François Moreau, Patrik Wikström* - Telecom ParisTech, University Paris 13 & LabEx ICCA France, & Queensland University of Technology  
  • The Origins of Superstar Musicians, CEO's and Professional Athletes by Alan Krueger - Princeton University 
  • Station Ownership and Its Effects on Playlists in U.S. Radio Markets by Adam D. Rennhoff* and Michael Roach Jennings - Middle Tennessee State University  
  • A Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Model of Sophomore Album Release by Jennifer J. Fowler* - Belmont University, Stuart J. Fowler* - Middle Tennessee State University and J. Rush Hicks - Belmont University

4:30-5pm Discussion of Future Directions for MIRA

  • Led by Alan Krueger - Princeton University, and MIRA Advisory Board


**This program is subject to change