About Us

Who We Are

  The Music Industry Research Association (MIRA) brings together a cross-section of researchers, academics, and industry professionals to study critical issues in the music industry.  The association will support and promote social science research that focuses on critical issues affecting the music industry.  MIRA consists of Economists, Sociologists, Psychologists and other social scientists involved in research on the music industry, broadly defined.  MIRA will also help disseminate research findings to a wider audience beyond the research community.   

Our 2017 Conference

The first annual MIRA conference took place on August 10th & 11th at UCLA's Luskin Conference Center and brought together an enthusiastic group of people from across the US, Europe and Australia.

We heard from 27 academic scholars and industry professionals from a wide variety of disciplines and across many topics. 

We have bios and our agenda available and you can download presentations and watch the videos by going to the Program page. 


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